A1 Automat

We have a mission at Rustic Records to eventually be a one-stop shop for all your vinyl lifestyle needs. So we've known since day one that turntables and related accessories would be an essential part of that. We've also known since day one there was only one brand that aligned with our standards. That brand is Pro-Ject.

Pro-Ject is a multi-award winning brand synonymous with industry leading build quality and audiophile-grade sound reproduction at prices everyone can afford. Their turntables are designed, manufactured, and assembled in their own private facility, not farmed out to mass production warehouses. They care about their craft and what they offer us as vinyl enthusiasts and it shows in every single piece they produce, assemble and ship out.

Pro-Ject turntables and their accessories are what we at Rustic Records use in our own set-up and we look forward to helping you say the same. Trust us, your records will thank you! We're equal parts proud and honored to be an officially licensed retailer with them and are here to help answer any questions you may have about taking your setup to the next level with their products.